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Starting as Sky Blue Radio in May of 2007 has been dedicated to the Aviation community worldwide. DJ interact personally with listeners via quick coms and shoutbox on our website and get your requests and dedications played while you listen!

No more waiting forever for your local station to MAYBE play your request.

100% volunteer run, 100% listener supported...


Dedicated to the Aviation community world wide. Sky Blue Radio.








iBlueYonder  is being run by Bill Womack,

in my humble opinion the best developer out there! He's been designing and developing addons for Microsoft’s marvelous Flight Simulator series for a few years now. Visit his website...!

Useful & interesting news all around

the flight simmer's world.


German simFlight


English simFlight


Dutch simFlight



A very useful list of freeware sceneries for FSX, sorted by countries.

Hier findet ihr News & Nachrichten, den Flugplan, die Geschichte, und viele umfangreiche Informationen und Flug Simulator Dateien rund um den Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof!


Here you can find latest news, historical flightplans, many detailed informations and Flight Simulator addons, related to Airport Berlin-Tempelhof !

Fresh & nice forum for FS Simulation, in serbian language, mostly.
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